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5 To 1 Random 10

No one here gets out alive...

Your ballroom days are over, baby...
The Doors

That opening weekend was refreshing as hell, now, wasn’t it? I can’t wait to have my palate satiated again this weekend. So let’s ride into another one with our heads held high and our musical randomness blaring through our office speakers like a boss. C’mon, people (seriously!)

  1. Five To One by The Doors
  2. Swingin Party by The Replacements
  3. Long Year by Todd Snider
  4. Starfish And Coffee by Prince
  5. I Will Dare by The Replacements
  6. Tainted Love by Soft Cell
  7. The Unheard Music by X
  8. Hombre Secreto by XMR
  9. Instant Crush by Cage the Elephant
  10. Darkness by The Police