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Special Edition Meltdown Time: Jacksonville State stuns the ‘Noles

How does a team bounce back from this one?

NCAA Football: Jacksonville State at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

We will have our regular meltdown feature on Tuesday, but last night this silly sport delivered one of those moments that keep us coming back for more and we just had to cover it.

Well, it was one of those moments unless you happen to root for Florida State.

We didn’t have to venture far for this one, as all of the comments below came from SBN’s own Tomahawk Nation. As usual, salty fans tend to use salty language, so if liberal use of the F bomb is something that bothers you, it’s best that you read no further.

If you haven’t yet seen what happened, first understand that it was an ugly, moribund performance from the ‘Noles that had them leading only 17-14 very late in a game that they were favored to win by 27 points, over a FCS foe in Jacksonville State who had been blanked by UAB the week prior.

It looked as if the ‘Noles were going to escape with an unsatisfying struggle win, and the fans were less than pleased.

This game should be 50 to 7 at this point. Grow some goddamn balls and play football like you’re supposed to at Florida State

LOL, this team is trash.

Cut every WR on the team, cause none of them have an ounce of talent.

NIL Endorsement For Allstate?

Nope, nobody has good F*cking hands!

Wake is going to CRUSH us. Not even close.

All the positive things I said last week

I take them all back. This is a fucking joke.

We have a bad FCS team telling our fans to shut up late in the 4th quarter.

Fire Norvell now. Seriously. I’m done with these bums.

Can’t make this up smh

A nail biter against a school that can barely afford to give their players names on the back of their jerseys lol

thankfully no one has the ACC network so our recruits couldnt watch

It may be true that nobody has the ACC network, but this is the era of the internet baby, and what happened next is almost too surreal to describe. Take a look at this incredible display of incompetence from everyone in garnet.

Folks, there were four seconds left with the ball 60 yards from the end zone, and two Florida State defenders couldn’t manage to keep that man from scoring. The first question is why they were in man free to begin with, and if they were going to play man, why there was no effort at all to redirect. Playing soft man is probably the absolute worst strategy there, the best being a traditional prevent style shell.

Secondly, not only did #3 Jarvis Brownlee, Jr. get beat deep despite that big cushion, he exacerbated the problem by overrunning the play after the ball was caught, then ran face first into a devastating block at the goal line. Give credit to the Gamecocks for making a play that they will be talking about for the rest of their lives, but damn, son, and the safety was later than Nick Cannon’s girlfriends.

In any case, that play caused the fans to go from pissed off to understandably nuclear, with head coach Mike Norvell and defensive coordinator Adam Fuller drawing most of the ire. Being the degenerate and amoral rubberneckers that we are, here are some of the best for your enjoyment.



This is what the bottom feels like…..heads have to roll


Getting obliterated by Louisville and Lamar Jackson was a better game than this.

My god

I need a life or something else to do with my free time. Jesus.

$30 mil/ year to Bob Stoops. Now.

Fire everyone

I think we’ll be on ESPN again this week!

Fire Norvell NOW. He’s complete shit.

Fuck this team, I’m done watching this fucking trash.

rehire willie taggart

Norvell is a fraud

My favorite part was that it took 4 hours

Bad team. bad effort. Bad prep.

QB play was poor. WR were very poor. Oline was poor. Defense was poor, but especially DBs/Safeties

The only position groups that were okay were RB and Special Teams.

It’s a bad team.

This is what I get

For laughing about UM squeaking by App State

Norvell is no upgrade over Taggart

This team is more of a laughing stock than Taggart. Hell if we had just kept Briles where would we be right now? Definitely be able to move the ball against a terrible FCS team. We will go winless this year and a decision will have to be made

Transfer portal will be on fire

Epic dumpster fire all around

Bad coaching bad effort bad execution. Can’t get a yard against this team to seal the game?!?!?

Then why the F do we not have ppl back with 6 seconds to go?!?!?!?

Where do you even go from here...

What do you even say to the team?

If you do not come to play every week, then there is the door?

Excuses? The refs were bad? hang over game? Regroup and get it together?

That was one of the worst games I have ever seen?

Let’s just pack it up and call it a year? Obviously no one wants to play?

Do not envy Norvell this evening… He has a tough tough job ahead of him and if its not him, it is going to be just as tough for anyone else.

Its funny I thought we would give up that hail mary

ESPN’s webcast said FSU had a 99.8% chance of winning before the final play. But something told me we couldn’t defend it.

Looks like the ‘analytics’ has failed us again

Can’t wait for the presser to hear CMN say “…and I’d do it again every time.”

What a joke of a program we are

That’ll do it for me

Won’t be watching again for a few years

This game resembled a huge puddle of vomit.

we just got the flag planted on our logo against jacksonville state, this is a fireable offense for the whole staff tbh

Pathetic is too kind a word for that pile of crap we just watched

I am beyond embarrassed…

Anyone want to reevaluate W-L for the season?

I’m at 2-10.

That was just too dire for me to believe in this team at all.


Could this ever happen? Well Saban lost to some scrub team back in his early days at Bama. This is unfortunate but I’m still a Nole. Hopefully this doesn’t affect our recruiting class…Ouch

Fire Norvell Tonight

Not, now, but Right now. Season is over. Laughing stock of college football. A team that got destroyed by UAB held you to 17 points. Norvell makes dumb decisions on offense and Fuller should not coach college defenses ever again.

Here comes a wave of decommitments.

This was a Willie like coaching “job” tonight. I had hoped we had moved past this but we have not. This feels like the Wake game at home. Just like that game I suspect some things are going to be put in motion, especially as the money spent above and below board should prevent this debacle from happening.

Hello Mr. Rock Bottom

Dumpster Fire 2021 edition

When does basketball season start? Meanwhile, maybe the ACC network can cover FSU women’s volleyball instead.

Nobody took this game seriously including myself.

Banged one out with the wife in the third thinking nothing to worry about. Damn the emotional roller coaster. Goodnight.

Seems like Notre Dame wasn’t a good barometer

Coaching Staff way over their heads

It’s too bad we can’t afford another buyout. It has become evident this experiment has gone all wrong. Even the transfers are playing like shit! I say drop football and pour all the money into basketball. And I don’t even like basketball! LOL!!!

The crazy part about this game

is that we were 7 or 8 drops and penalties from blowing the doors off Jax St. Crazy how the mistakes happened at all the momentum changing times

All y’all saying to fire everyone

And hire who with what money?

We are at so much a loss with this and our last coaching hire. it would be more preferable to save money by just not having a team for four years…

I remember my sophomore year of 1988 when Miami beat us 31-0 to open the season

Those were the days

This game right here will set us back at least another five years

And you know 20 years later when they’re still replaying the Appalachian State/Michigan game will all be old and barely be able to watch football and they will still be playing this one too

Ah, college football. Never change.

Roll Tide.