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Sunday Morning Hangover: Keep Calm and Roll Tide

Alabama defeated No. 11 on the road but you woulda thunk they lost by 30.

Listen to Coach.

Alabama defeated No. 11 Florida in the Swamp in one of the loudest and most hostile environments most viewers have seen in quite awhile. However, the way Bama fans are melting down, you might think the Crimson Tide was blown out.

In State College, PA, the Penn State fans are probably still celebrating for their close win over Auburn. In Athens, GA, Dawgs fans are looking into January flights to Indianapolis. Meanwhile in Tuscaloosa, FIRE BOB! FIRE GELDING! MAYBE SABAN HAS LOST IT!

Take a deep breath. Put down the bottle/pitchfork/gun.


  1. The Crimson Tide won. Whether it’s 31-29 or 55-0, it still counts as a win.
  2. As mentioned above, the win came against a ranked team under difficult circumstances. This was SEC Florida, not Tulane, Fresno, Colorado, or Georgia Tech.
  3. Alabama is not going to win every game from now until you depart from this mortal coil. In 14 seasons at the Capstone, Nick Saban has only had two undefeated seasons but has SIX national championships. The Tide can still get to the promised land with a loss - especially in this year where there appears to be no clear-cut dominating teams.
  4. The officiating crew absolutely sucked. We have to believe that Greg Sankey saw the same game we did and does something about it.
  5. In three games as a starter, true sophomore QB Bryce Young has not make any stupid mistakes. He does not get flustered and do something that could cost his team the game.
  6. Loki took the weekend off. Will Anderson is fine. He was not limping off the field. He was tired and dehydrated. Nick Saban reported that running back Brian Robinson suffered some bruised ribs late in the game but will be okay.
  7. Southern Miss is next.
  8. Trust the Process®.