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Alabama Crimson Tide vs Southern Miss Second Half Open Thread

Well, that’s a whole lot better than Auburn’s first half against Georgia State

Southern Miss v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Alabama opened the game with a 100 yard kick return touchdown from Jameson Williams, and the Tide put their foot on the gas pedal the entire first half without slacking up. After that opening special teams score, they got touchdowns on 5/6 drives, including one 10-play 97-yard clock burner to end the half. An intentional grounding snafu on Bryce Young was pretty much the only negative for the offense in the entire half. 377 yards and 35 points on 6 drives is just unfair.

With Brian Robinson out due to his injury last week, Jase McClellan and Roydell Williams have gotten all of the work at running back, and have combined for 17 carries for 162 yards. Trey Sanders has yet to be seen.

The defense played well too, for the most part. They forced a lot of negative plays, forced 4 punts, and got an interception of 4th down. They did give up one short touchdown drive after a bad punt gave Southern Miss good field position and a few Tide defenders momentarily forgot how to tackle a running back on back-to-back passing plays.

Saban even made himself laugh trying to pretend to be mad at halftime.

We’ll likely see a nice helping of 2nd stringers very early in the second half, and should be clearing the bench by early in the 4th quarter.

Roll Tide!