Stadium Noise

So, I went to Gainesville for our game. I have been to see Bama play in every SEC stadium except UK and Mizzou. I have also probably been to 150 or more games in BDS.

The noise level in The Swamp was higher than any game I have ever been to, including LSU, UT, AU, and UGA. And, it definitely had an impact on the game.

So Saturday we face a very, very tough opponent. In all honesty BDS has never had the level of sound that was in the swamp, or LSU for that matter. Coach Saban is asking the Bama fans to really get involved in this game and have an impact. I think it is much needed against their qb.

Folks, this looks like the hardest home game we will have this year. If we are ever going to have an impact in a game it will be this Saturday, I hope you are ready.

Personally, I am a pastor, and I am going to take off this Sunday because I plan on not being able to speak on Sunday. In fact if I can speak Sunday, I will consider my efforts Saturday as lame. And folks, I am 68. There is no reason for old people not to make a lot of noise. You'd make a lot of noise if you won at Bingo. Well this is way more important than Bingo.

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