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Postgame Thread: Georgia 33, Alabama 18

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Too many mistakes and a huge loss at WR doomed the Tide.

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-Georgia vs Alabama Joshua Bickel-USA TODAY Sports

Well, Georgia has their national title.

Had you told us Jameson Williams would go down in the first half, none of us would have predicted a win. Even still, Alabama left too many points on the board to complain. When you’re in the national championship game and the ball hits your hands in the end zone, you have to catch the football. Alabama had two such plays they didn’t make, while Georgia WR Adonai Mitchell made a very difficult grab to score. One of them was to Agiye Hall on a NFL level throw under duress from Bryce Young, but of course Hall shouldn’t have been in the game to begin with.

Alas, those points turned out to be critical.

The good news of course is that Alabama returns a ton next season including the Heisman QB and the best player in the country in Will Anderson. They will be right back in the hunt if not ranked #1 to start the season, and both of those guys showed out tonight.

Melt away, but be reasonable and of course be good to one another.

Roll Tide.