Injury Comparison

I know it's always about "next man up" and "injuries are never an excuse." I also understand that Georgia is the National Champion and that there is no disputing this fact. The game was played and the game was won by Ga, period, end of story on that front.

What irritates me however, is when I hear people use the argument that, "well, what would've happened if Colt McCoy had'nt gotten hurt?" As if that is an apples to apples comparison to what happened between the SEC championship game and the NCG this year. Let's get one thing clear: What happened in the Rose Bowl all those years ago and what transpired this year between Dec. 4th and Jan. 10th are two very different circumstances, and here is why.

Could the game have turned out differently for Texas if McCoy had not gotten hurt? Any realistic fan has to admit that of course, if he had not gotten hurt, there is always a chance of a different turn out. Fine. But what lessens that argument for that particular game is that Bama and Texas played one time. One. One point of reference. That's it. So sure, maybe a different outcome would've occurred, but there is absolutely zero evidence to back that up, which brings me to this year.

One fact cannot be disputed: Ga played Dec 4th and Jan 10th with the same exact players. Bama did not play Dec 4th and Jan 10th with the same exact players. Bama was clearly the better football team on Dec 4th. That game showed everyone watching that Bama playing with it's full complement of dynamic WR1's (at least for the first half anyway) that GA's vaunted D was not going to be able to hang. In fact, I shudder to think what the score of that game might actually have been if Metchie had played the second half.

Fast forward to Jan. 10th. Already down Metchie, The first quarter showed everyone watching that after 40 days of practice, GA defense had absolutely no answer for Williams as he gashed em for 4 rec/65 yards before the 1st quarter was even done. Was GA going to magically figure it out between quarters? Of course not. And with all of that, Bama still had the lead with 10 minutes to go in the game. Amazing really if you think about it.

The healthiest team won, folks. That is certainly part of the game and I have no problem accepting that, but no one can argue that Bama wasn't the better team, and furthermore no one can use the Colt McCoy argument to validate that point.

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