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R10 On The Rocks

Yeah, it’s time to have some real fun...

Callin’ all my ladies...
Victor E. Hodge

A lil’ 90s girl power to start off the weekend, followed by...well...a buncha random stuff, of course. If I’m man enough to publish this kinda candy, y’all better step up and join in, errbody. Now show us whatchya got in the comments below. Party on, dudes!

  1. It’s On the Rocks by The Donnas
  2. Love’s in Need of Love Today by Stevie Wonder
  3. Take the Long Way Home by Supertramp
  4. Pacifics by Digable Planets
  5. Stop Your Sobbing by The Kinks
  6. Hold Up by The Raconteurs
  7. Gunshy by Liz Phair
  8. Dire Wolf by Grateful Dead
  9. 6060-842 by The B-52’s
  10. Cinnamon Girl by Neil Young

Bonus: Makes No Sense At All by Hüsker Dü