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Star of famous “I hate Tennessee video” cites Roll Bama Roll as possible online origin of #TennesseeHateWeek

Nick Kelly of the Tuscaloosa News went looking for answers.

NCAA Football: Tennessee at Alabama Gary Cosby Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

Among Alabama football fans, few have become more internet famous than Irvin Smith. Don’t know that name, you say?

Oh, you know Irvin Smith.

That man is a legend.

For whatever reason, likely the higher than usual profile of the Third Saturday in October this year, Nick Kelly of the Tuscaloosa News went on a wild goose chase in effort to find the origin of “Tennessee Hate Week.” Naturally, he started with Smith, and in which direction did Smith point him? None other than Roll Bama Roll.

“I love that Tennessee is finally relevant that you are going back in my 2007 content and giving me a phone call,” Smith said.

He said he definitely had plenty of Tennessee hate content and used the phrase, but he doesn’t recall being the one to start it. He didn’t want to take credit, either.

“Tennessee hatred to me, nobody owns it,” Smith said. “It’s like the force. Anybody can use it if they can find it in themselves. If I had a small part in that, then Roll Tide.”

Instead, he suggested I check in with Roll ‘Bama Roll, a site that exists to this day. The founders of the site were blogging when Smith was.

Kelly notes that he reached out to Todd Jones, who penned a series of posts in 2006, a year before Smith’s video was posted, but Todd has not responded. No matter, his work shall live on.

Phillip Fulmer has been described as “a genius,” “the greatest coach to ever walk the planet,” and “one handsome devil” by Vols fans. No one listens to them, though, since no one listens to ignorant hillbillies, and his reputation among those more familiar with college football and not hampered by a lifetime’s worth of moonshine is far less flattering. He’s known primarily for his success in recruiting the cream of the crop from our nations prisons, insane asylums, and Texas, and for being a big, fat, disgusting blob that bathes in giant tubs of Sam’s Choice Imitation Velveeta to maintain his filthy hide’s slimy texture.

Frankly, it’s a wonder that such fine prose was never nominated for a Pulitzer.

So, was Roll Bama Roll the originator of #TennesseeHateWeek online? We may never know, but we do know that hating Tennessee is among our favorite pastimes. Hate on, Alabama fans.

Hate on.

Roll Tide.