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Alabama Crimson Tide vs Tennessee Volunteers second half open thread

28-20 Vols at the half

NCAA Football: Alabama at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Alabama had about the worst possible 1st quarter you could possibly imagine. Penalties on every kickoff had the offense starting at the 10 yard line multiple times. A 3rd down drop killed a drive. A bad snap into the endzone (coupled with more penalties) led to an Alabama punt from the 1 yard line that got all of 30 yards. A muffed punt gave Tennessee another short field to score from.

And two Alabama drives in the redzone ended on no calls after bad, bad hits to Bryce Young’s head.

Alabama is the most penalized team in the country, has a horrible turnover margin, has the most drops in the nation... And is still undefeated an only down one score.

The Tide defense did finally start to show some signs of shoring themselves up in the 2nd quarter, and the offense is moving the ball methodically after the penalty-ridden first two drives. If they keep it up, they can make it a game again after going down 18 points early on.

They have no margin for error any more though, and will have to not just hang on, but thoroughly outplay Tennessee for the rest of the second half to come away with a win.

Hope for the best...

Roll Tide