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Pre-Package: Bama’s best corners, injuries, Jalen Milroe, freshmen defensive linemen and more.

Highlights of Nick Saban’s weekly presser

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 01 Alabama at Arkansas Photo by Andy Altenburger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Yesterday was Nick’s last major update before the Tide begins its game day prep for the once-No. 6-ranked Texas A&M Aggies (Yeesh. what kind of moron thought that was a Top 10 team?)

Here is the link (Audio-only this week).

For those who prefer to read and/or have bite-sized nuggets o’ Gumpery, here’s what Nick (and others) had to say about:

Jalen Milroe

“As an offense, we fully support everybody who is out there, no matter who it is,” offensive guard Emil Ekiyor said. “Jalen, we all see him make plays in the game, make plays in practice, we expect him to do the same thing while he’s out there. Everyone on the offense has the utmost confidence in Jalen, all the coaches have the confidence in Jalen. That’s what’s so great about Alabama. One great player goes down, another great one comes in.”

Jimbob McShit-on-his-shoes had even more praise for Milroe:

“Very dynamic on offense. I know Bryce and everybody’s questioning if he plays or doesn’t play, but either way, they’re gonna be great. They have a great team anyways. Jalen Milroe did a great job in the game for them last week. Receivers are always dynamic, can play. The tailback is very explosive, and all their tailbacks have done it. Their offensive line keeps getting better and better. The tight end’s a really good player, very solid, does a lot of things for them and a lot of hidden things in how he blocks and the routes and protections, and then all of a sudden, he catches two or three balls. All those guys, they do a great job. Bill does a great job with them on offense.

Only Jimbo would think 4-of-9 was a dynamic passing game.

Bama’s best corners so far? Your eyes tell the tale:

— Kool-Aid McKinstry and Terrion Arnold separated from the competition by not allowing the big plays in the passing game. They’d been two of four players in the cornerback competition.

While Bryce Young is still day-to-day (much more on that in about 45 minutes when the Jumbo Package goes live), one player will not be suiting up again for the Tide in 2022: Demouy Kennedy, who suffered a season-ending knee injury.

Since he got his weight under control, it seems like every week the staff is gushing over the play of freshman NT, Jaheim Oatis. The Big Beefy dominated the LOS against Arkansas last week.

And, finally, we conclude as usual with Potter’s weekly public service: Everything Nick Saban Said.

On the physicality of the offensive line...

“I think in the last game they showed signs of it. They showed signs of it at times throughout the year, I just think your whole body of work is based on consistency and performance. That’s what defines success so that’s what we gotta keep working on with them and I do think we’re making progress and I do think that this last game was probably the best that they’ve been all year.”

Translation: Bryce is sitting, I’m gonna run the ball 65 times, and if Bill O’Brien so much as calls a pass in the 4th quarter with a lead, I’m packing his bags for him.

But, seriously y’all. I told you in January Eric Wolford was the real-deal Manball Mercenary. Teams hire him for one reason: fix O-Lines with talent and no excuses for not getting more out of it.

Enjoy this Pre-Package. This is just-the-tip to a far larger, girthier Jumbo Package I’ll whip out for you in about 45 minutes. Hang tight. Roll Tide.