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Victory/Late shift open thread

Alabama 24, Texas A&M 20

Texas A&M v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The defense rose to the challenge and somehow Willed Alabama to victory despite the offense putting them in bad positions over and over again. Yes, that was a bad pun but Mr. Anderson was active all night.

If you want a bright spot, Alabama was able to win a game with the backup QB despite going -3 in turnovers and uncharacteristically missing two field goals. Oh, and Jahmyr Gibbs is a damn superstar.

If you want a less bright spot, the passing offense is virtually nonexistent without Bryce Young and the defense is not going to be able to hold Tennessee down to this degree. If anyone knows Mr. Miyagi’s healing technique, please get in touch with Jeff Allen. Also, they aren’t going to beat many teams making so many errors.

Oregon State is playing Stanford on ESPN for you night owls, if you are so inclined.

Roll Tide.