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Jumbo Package: Austin Peay presents a chance to find some dogs

This team needs closers; can we find any on the roster?

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Dachshunds are far more aggressive than this defense.

Before we begin, I wanted to share this deranged nonsense from the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Alabama. I posted it on GAM this morning, but everyone deserves to see the lunacy that has sprung forth in Lee County.

Auburn has half-convinced themselves that Cadillac is the Truth and the Way, and I’m not here to discourage them from taking a shot at a far better, established coach. I’d much rather Carnell guide the program than someone like Matt Rhule, Hugh Freeze, or even Bill O’Brien.

And since I can’t find myself getting up for the Peay game, I’m gonna’ take this opportunity to start shitting on Auburn a week early. Join me. It’s a lot of fun.

They are, I repeat, an actual cult.

Nick Saban said the exact same thing that I said two days ago, and that Brent echoed: Pete Golding has done a remarkable job given the personnel he has.

In short, it’s a talent issue, not one of scheme.

“I think Pete has done a really, really good job,” Saban said. “He’s very bright. He articulates well with the players. He’s a good teacher. I think he’s a good motivator. I think players respond well to him. He’s added some things that has helped us get better.

“I think he’s done a very good job with the personnel that we have. I just really appreciate the really good job that he’s done. I think he’s made really positive steps every year since he’s been here. I love hiring younger guys like that and letting them grow and develop in the organization. He’s certainly done a fantastic job of that.”

Golding was named a Broyles Award finalist for the second time in three years...for a reason. If a flag is called for a blatant block in the back, or the defensive line could remember how to tackle in the last 90 seconds, we’re not even having this discussion. Alabama is in the Top 5-6 of the CFP, and everyone is just waiting on the chaos to nudge the Tide into 4th spot.

The issue is of talent, mentality. This team has to find some closers, and it certainly can’t afford as many busts and misses as it has had of late.

Will Austin Peay reveal a few lurking in the underclass ranks? I hope so. I’m ready to build for 2023. This was the year that we had looked to for the title run, and it has regressed in so many ways. That’s partially on coaching, but equally so on execution. You can be put in the right spot time and again, but unless you can execute when it matters — do your job for 60-70 snaps — then it doesn’t matter whatsoever.

Blow it up. Start over. Find some players who want to be about Alabama while they’re at Alabama.

Find some dogs.

I refuse to believe this is real name: Biff Poggi.


This is as deserved as they get:

Will has been so icy. He went through a mini-slump midseason on four kicks, but otherwise, has been outstanding in his Alabama career. I’m going to miss that guy especially if BoB is not fired into the sun and Alabama has to try and play field goal games.

Congrats to Will BDE Reichard. You’re aces, buddy.

Speaking of outstanding news, the dangerous and fun Detroit Lions offense is about to get a lot moreso — JaMo is so close to returning after missing most of the past 11 months following a blown ACL in the National Title contest.

“Probably not Thanksgiving,” but the week after is his return date. I look forward to seeing this kid eat.

I wouldn’t expect to see either of these guys play on Saturday, and for Ricks that’s unfortunate. He needs all the live snaps he can get:

The status of two Alabama starters remains unclear three days from the penultimate game of the regular season. After Wednesday’s practice, head coach Nick Saban was asked about running back Jahmyr Gibbs (ankle) and cornerback Eli Ricks (head), two guys that were unable to finish the Crimson Tide’s Week 11 road game against Ole Miss.

“We’ll see,” Saban said. “They’re kind of day-to-day in terms of how they’re doing and what they’re doing. We won’t be able to make that determination until closer to the game.”

We’ve been keeping an eye on this for the last several months — well, I have, at least. And as I predicted, the Regents and California power brokers are not going along quietly with the UCLA-to-Big 10 move.

The last hurdle before UCLA and the Pac-12 can go their separate ways is turning into a bit of a mountain hike. UCLA officials will meet with University of California Regents in a Thursday meeting that is expected to decide the school’s ability to leave the Pac-12 for the Big Ten.

UC Regents, as well as California Gov. Gavin Newsom, were upset about not being informed prior to UCLA announcing its move to the Big Ten (alongside USC) on June 30. Since then, there has been continuing rancor regarding both schools leaving for the Big Ten — from fans, politicians and some of the regents.

Unlike USC, a private institution, UCLA public and part of the UC system with California considered its sister school. Those UC Regents have increasingly asserted authority to block the move. This is their fourth meeting on the subject since that June 30 decision.

“The regents have the power to overturn UCLA’s decision,” California Sen. Nancy Skinner told CBS Sports. Skinner is not a regent. “They’re the ones who created the rule that gave UCLA the autonomy [to leave]. They can take that autonomy back if they choose. I don’t know if they’ll do that.”

And even this isn’t entirely fully accurate. The Cal Assembly can still revoke the Regents’ decision, one way or another. All decisions vested to the Regents are reviewable by and subject to approval of that body — and they’re quite perturbed. Very few people outside of myopic admins in Westwood want to go spend a weekend in some Iowa City sleet or suicide-gray East Rutherford just in service of a short-sighted cash grab where the programs will be even less competitive.

And I can’t wait until they have to try and travel to one of those states that has been deemed in violation of California’s anti-LGBT travel laws. This is a disaster waiting to unfold.

Here is everything Nick Saban said in Wednesday’s presser, but I did find it discouraging that he is still having to emphasize culture and a winning mindset 10 games into the season. Rudderless, man. Simply rudderless. Where are the internal leaders that this team was supposed to have?

As depressing as that is, we’ll move on to something a bit more mixed: the freshman WR class. Rydeouts, they’re not. Though there is a lot of raw talent on there, you can see it, the question is “are they actually developing from one week to another.” And, like I said, results are mixed.

Still, Saban seems mostly happy with their growth.

On the progress of the freshman wide receivers...

“I think the freshmen receivers are a very talented group and I think there have been times when each one of them have made really, really good plays. I think the biggest things is — with young players — is that consistency in performance. They’re not used to the grind of this kind of competition over this long a period of time and that comes with experience, it comes with maturity. But I’m very encouraged by that entire class.

“I mean, Emmanuel Henderson has done really, really well, too. He’s starting to really blossom on special teams, he knows what he’s doing at receiver now, he’s very explosive. So you’ve seen like all the other freshmen that have played to some degree. A couple of other guys that are talented guys like Aaron Anderson has been hurt. He’s finally healthy and you can see what his potential might be, but it’s kind of late in the season to try to get these guys involved in what’s happening. But I’m very encouraged about that group.”

Not sure what else we have on tap for you today, but you can start there. Have a great weekend — I will not be with you, as I intend to try and have fun this weekend.

Roll Tide and death to false metal.


If you were head coach this week, would you:

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