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Alabama Football vs Austin Peay second half open thread

17-0 at the half for the Tide

NCAA Football: Alabama at Mississippi Gary Cosby Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

Alabama sleepwalked through most of the half, with a couple of turnovers ending with Austin Peay not scoring on 4th down and missing a field goal.

Jase McLellan was really the bright spot of the first half, as he got a lot of tough yards in the run game. Jermaine Burton got a couple of nice catches on one scoring drive. There was very little pressure on Bryce Young, but the 8-man coverages left him standing around in the backfield for long periods of time looking for someone to throw to, and he missed a corner blitz for a bad sack on the final drive

The Tide defense didn't particularly play well, letting AP move the ball on them fairly well and getting toasted on some deep balls (fortunately their QB missed early). Kool Aid McKinstry did get a nice I interception.