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Iron Bowl Second Half Open Thread

35-14 at the half

Auburn v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

After a bit of a heartburn-inducing start on both offense and defense, Alabama's offense picked things up and rattled off 35 points going into halftime.

The offense looked to totally abandon the gameplan from this entire season and go back to a more horizontal and vertical passing scheme, and it was a breath of fresh air for Alabama fans.

Bryce Young connected on two vertical shots, the Tide threw two successful slants and a few successful WR screens, and Kendrick Law made some defenders miss in the middle of the field for a huge gain.

Defensively, Alabama had some tackling fiascos in the first few drives and also gave Robby Ashford a could of wide open throws with bad zone coverages. But they ultimately tightened up in the 2nd quarter.

A couple of unforced fumbled from Auburn helped out a lot as well.

Here's to hoping the offense maintains their scheme and don't revert to endless curl routes, and the defense finds their footing and stamps on Auburn's 1-dimensional throat.

Roll Tide!