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Playoff Rankings Reaction Thread: ‘Bama stuck at 6th as Committee huffs PAC 12 gas from a paper bag

At some point, what happened in the season has to matter

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

At some point, what happened in the regular season has to matter. Be that narrow escapes against garbage teams like Northwestern; battles to the death with exceptionally average Maryland; and getting your ass destroyed at home by the first competent team you’ve played all season.

Don’t tell that to the CFP, who’ve stuffed Alabama at 6th, and likely out of the CFP — barring a unique sort of disasters unfolding this Saturday:

Leaping all the way to No. 4 was the nation’s preeminent fraud, USC (and for more on that, as well as the P12’s recursive mediocrity, check it out here).

Clemson is also getting the benefit of their jersey, landing at 8th just behind the other paper tiger, Penn State.

In short, it’s gonna’ take a confluence of miracles for Alabama to make it in: likely one that involves USC and TCU both losing, and the committee vaulting ‘Bama and OSU into the last two spots. I think it’s safe to say that win or lose, Michigan and Georgia are likely in no matter what happens this Saturday. So, don’t look for help from that quarter (though, it would be funny to watch it happen).

Chime in below. Too low? Too high? Just right?

Who’s the biggest fraud in the rankings? Why?


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