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She Has Lots of Fun R10:

She danced with Picasso’s illegitimate mistress...

Hey, it’s trash, but...
40 Year Itch

Please do me a favor — take a sec to browse through others’ musical menageries here and like ‘em (if you, you know, like ‘em). And please do us a favor — drop a random collection of your own 10(ish) tunes in the comments below before you surf on down the web. Then please do yourself a favor — click on the link and listen to the tenth track on this R10 (“A Year Ago Today” by The Mysteries Of Life). Finally, please do the world a favor — be kind to other people. Peace, y’all.

  1. Sally Can’t Dance by Lou Reed
  2. (I’m) Stranded by The Saints
  3. Bob Dylan’s Dream by Robert Zimmerman
  4. Examination Of What by Digable Planets
  5. Aphrodisiac Jacket by The Cult
  6. Maybe by Janis Joplin
  7. When The Music’s Over by The Doors
  8. Garbage Truck by Beck
  9. Plastic Bag by X Ray Spex
  10. A Year Ago Today by The Mysteries of Life