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Game. Changer: Alabama Gymnastics signs No. 1 recruit in the country for 2023, Jamison Sears

The nation’s best all-arounder is coming to Tuscaloosa

U.S. Gymnastics Championships 2019 - Day 2 Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

I have to confess, I fully did not see this coming whatsoever.

New Gym head coach and ‘Bama Gym veteran, Ashley Priess-Johnson has hit one out of the park with her first class. Ashley has been a relatively quiet figure on campus, so it came completely out of the blue today when she secured the services of the No. 1 recruit in the nation, a young woman who had sparked a nationwide full-court press for her services: Jamison Sears.

Sears had an OV at ‘Bama a few weeks ago, about the same time Auburn was rolling out the red carpet for her with Olympic champion, Suni Lee. There was some cynical thinking at the time that this could have been a courtesy visit, since Coach APJ had such a thin resume and was in her first year running a program.

That speculation was wrong...very wrong.

Jamison brings some outstanding upgrades to ‘Bama’s vault; she is technically precise and lithe on the uneven bars. Her balance beam is solid enough. And where she really shines is on the floor exercise, where she cuts an athletic presence with very clear professional dance training.

Sears epitomizes what a modern all-arounder is supposed to showcase, and we are very fortunate to have her.

This is truly a game changer for the program.
Welcome to Tuscaloosa, Jamison. And congratulations to Coach APJ on her first win...two months before we even roll out the mats.