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Lights That Flash R10:

Jesus rides beside me...

Tonight I can’t hold a pen...
The Guardian

I can’t wait... for the end of the work day, the opportunity to lay down my burden and soak my soul in the soothing sounds of some supergroup and/or songbird(s). Our initial track this week has us raising a glass to the late JTE (and the ‘Mats) and takes me back to hazy days when I was young and wildish, riding high on irresponsibility and... other stuff... ashtray floors, dirty clothes, & filthy jokes...


  1. Can’t Hardly Wait by Justin Townes Earle (with Jason Isbell)
  2. Detroit Rock City by KISS
  3. Problem Solver by Kyle Kimbrell
  4. TV by Naked Giants
  5. Fast As You Can by Fiona Apple
  6. TV Party by Black Flag
  7. Eruption by Van Halen
  8. You Don’t Understand Me by The Raconteurs
  9. Orange Soda by Baby Keem
  10. Village Gorilla Head by Tommy Stinson

Bonus: After Hours by The Velvet Underground