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Pack of Warm Beer R10:

Would you like us to assign someone to worry your mother?

Is your muffin buttered?
Wyoming Tribune Eagle

Playoff committees, overrated “Big” Ten teams, and SEC officials be damned, but that was one satisfying beatdown of the werebuzzards last Saturday. Was it rough going back to work after the holiday? Sure. Was it made a whole lot better by 49-27? You’re damned skippy. Am I overjoyed that you’re back here to celebrate another fab Friday with us? Abso-freakin’-lutely! So let’s get down to it like there’s no tomorrow, shall we? Party on, dudes!

  1. Chaise Longue by Wet Leg
  2. Calling Dr. Love by KISS
  3. Cool One by Jessy Wilson
  4. Town Called Malice by The Jam
  5. Chlorine by Twenty One Pilots
  6. Kingdom Come by Seratones
  7. Like a Girl by Lizzo
  8. Cicada Rock by Southern Culture on the Skids
  9. Body Talks by The Struts (feat. Kesha)
  10. No Role Modelz by J. Cole

Bonus: Move It On Over by Hank Williams