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Jumbo Package: Alabama picks up 2024 commit; How playoff expansion impacts SEC

Your latest Crimson Tide news and notes.

NCAA Football: Auburn at Alabama Gary Cosby Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday, everyone. As you know, the Alabama soccer team plays tonight in the Final Four. Sadly, that’s about all that’s going on this weekend that usually has us anticipating our matchup in the SEC Championship Game. Alas, it was not to be this year.

Moving on, Mike Rodak examines what playoff expansion means for the Tide.

Another aspect of the ever-evolving college football puzzle for Alabama fans to digest: the SEC will almost certainly eliminate divisions of any type when it changes its scheduling format. In 2022, that would be have been significant. Instead of LSU earning a spot in Atlanta with its 6-2 record and SEC West title, a division-less format would have paired Tennessee with Georgia for the title game. The Vols, LSU and Alabama all have 6-2 records and Tennessee’s head-to-head wins over both would have won a tiebreaker.

Dizzy yet?

Welcome to the new world of college football, which will be here before you know it.

At some point a three loss team is going to get hot at the right time and have breaks fall their way, and they will be crowned national champions. NFL ball is upon us.

It took Blake Toppmeyer a couple of days to figure this out, apparently.

Why would Purdue trouncing Michigan matter?

Part of Ohio State’s stronger résumé compared to Alabama’s hinges on the Buckeyes having just one loss – to the undefeated Wolverines. OSU also boasts a marquee win against No. 8 Penn State. The Buckeyes absolutely should be ranked ahead of Alabama, as it stands.

But in the unlikely event Purdue skunks Michigan, that worsens Ohio State’s home loss to the Wolverines, because Michigan’s standing would be weakened. And a Purdue victory would bring the Big Ten East’s credentials into question.

I’m not sure it would have to be a “trouncing” as long as it didn’t look like a fluke, but Alabama’s sole chance of getting in the playoff is Michigan falling to make Ohio State’s blowout loss at home look worse, and even then it’s shaky.

Alabama picked up a 2024 commitment yesterday.

Another big factor for Dixon was seeing his former teammate Deontae Lawson at Alabama and what he’s been able to do in earning playing time this year.

“It played a huge role,” Dixon said of Lawson. “I was able to watch him and see where he came from my high school. When he graduated he was like 206 (pounds). Right now I’m like 208. He said If I come here I’ll be ok at that size because (Lawson) came in here and was able to play. He said just keep working. That’s the biggest thing. He was always in my ear about (Alabama). I was always looking up to him and mimicking everything he did, trying to get to where he is now.”

Dixon is a four star, currently ranked as the 16th best edge player. He will definitely need to add some weight, but he’s just a high school junior.

As far as adding weight, incoming RB Justice Haynes has no such concerns.

Hard to believe that dude is 18 years old.

Thompson High School won yet another state title, this time with an 8th grader at QB.

While Seaborn’s current college offers are from Maryland, Troy and Northern Colorado, winning a blue map on an SEC field should bring more soon.

Freeman, on the other hand, knew Seaborn could be special a few years ago. A native of Highlands Ranch, Colorado, about 20 miles south of Denver, Seaborn and his family are close friends to the Tagovailoas. The Seaborns visited in 2017 after Tua Tagovailoa’s enrollment at UA moved the clan to Alabama, where his younger brother Taulia enrolled at Thompson.

Good chance this kid ends up on Alabama’s radar before all is said and done.

Last, the Bills smoked the Patriots last night, and Mac Jones is rather tired of the scheme.

That offense is an utter train wreck. We’ll see what comes of this exchange, if anything.

That’s about it for today. Have a great weekend.

Roll Tide.