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Ch-Ch-Cherry Bomb R10:

Stone age love and strange sounds, too...

Hello, world, I’m your wild girl...

Happy holidays, y’all! Saint Nick should be delivering one more present tomorrow afternoon. But for now, let’s keep ourselves preoccupied on this sixth day of Xmas by laying down some tasty tunes as we get ready to roll into a new year of sweet, sweet possibilities...

  1. Cherry Bomb by The Runaways
  2. Kiss Me Goodnight by The Mysteries of Life
  3. Have You Heard Anything from the Lord Today? by Cody ChesnuTT (feat. Raphael Saadiq)
  4. Stutter by Dree Leer
  5. Bat Macumba by Os Mutantes
  6. Your’e No Good by Linda Ronstadt
  7. Beat On The Brat by The Ramones
  8. Man by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  9. Baby’s Got Sauce by G. Love & Special Sauce
  10. Breaking the Rules by The Math Club (feat. Tia P.)

Bonus: Sleepwalk by Joe Strummer