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Reporters Pushing False Outrage Over Non-Expansion of CFP

College Football will stick with four teams playoffs. The talking heads seems to think fans are mad.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 08 CFP National Championship
Finebaum: mad as a wet hen.
Photo by David John Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

If you have seen the fine award-winning movie Old School, you probably recall the scene in which “Frank the Tank” is trying to lead a charge of “We’re going streaking!

Late last week, reports leaked that the College Football Playoff would stay at four teams until at least 2026. Upon hearing this news, college football reporters across the nation turned into outraged little whiners running buck-naked down the street, through the Quad, to the gymnasium in protest. If they would just turn around, they would see that there is nobody behind them.

Several CFB White Knights took to Twitter to express the outrage for us poor fans who don’t have a voice.

“Looking out for” the game and fans seems to be the cliche du jour. We are so fortunate that the talking heads are there to protect us.

Speaking of patting each other on the back.

“Let’s go! Whoooo!”

Anyone feeling hurt?

Paul Finebaum seems to be excessively outraged. He may want to clean the sand out of his Captain America Underoos.

Now that you have read the hot takes, read the comments from actual fans. They span from apathy to annoyance in the other direction. For the most part, the majority of the fans seem to want to keep the playoff at four teams, a thought overwhelmingly shared by SEC fans.

If there are indeed fans crying in their cornflakes this morning, it is curious if they have actually thought this through. Would Baylor had rather finish last season getting hammered by Alabama in a playoff game? Or perhaps would beating Ole Miss in the Sugar Bowl be a good note to end the season on? What is a better recruiting tool for Michigan State: getting their teeth kicked in by Georgia or beating ACC Champ Pitt in the Peach Bowl? Is anyone (other than Auburn) going to hang a banner that says “CFP Participant!”?

So, what are the sportswriters’ angles for their over-the-top exasperation? Is it more content that leads to more salary for them? Is it more opportunities to travel to big games with limos, parties, luxury hotels, gourmet food spreads, and 50 yard line tickets, all on someone else’s dime? Is it for the “good of the game”? I suspect the answers are “yes”, “yes”, and “no”.

Frank. Get in the car.


Let the talking heads know. Are you outraged?

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