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NCAA Tournament: Alabama Basketball seeded 6th in the West

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The Tide will play the winner of Rutgers vs. Notre Dame.

NCAA Basketball: SEC Conference Tournament- Alabama vs Vanderbilt Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We didn’t have to wait long to find out where Alabama will play in the NCAA Tournament. They were placed in the West region as the 6 seed, and will play the winner of a play-in game between Rutgers and Notre Dame in sunny San Diego. This is always a bit of a disadvantage since they will have to prepare for two potential opponents over the next few days, but if they play the way they are capable it shouldn’t matter.

Should the Tide survive the first round, they will face a likely date with Texas Tech. That would be an intriguing matchup of contrasting styles as the Red Raiders slow the game to a crawl, 194th in the nation in possessions per game compared to Alabama’s 10th. A hypothetical Sweet Sixteen matchup against Duke would be next, and if the Tide managed to pull that off, a rematch with Gonzaga likely awaits with 4 seed Arkansas serving as their potential foil.

All things considered, the Tide got a solid draw. As we’ve seen, this team can lose to anyone, but if they can get it together this isn’t the most difficult slate. Texas Tech has lost nine times this season, so they are far from unbeatable, and Duke has been whipped twice recently by North Carolina and Virginia Tech. There is as much parity in the game as any time in recent memory, so anyone who plays with intensity and shoots it well has a shot.

You can print off your bracket here. Have fun!

Hope for the best.