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Loser’s Thread: Alabama Basketball falls flat on their face in graceless NCAA Tournament exit

Final score 78-64

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament First Round-Notre Dame vs Alabama Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I won’t spend much time talking about this one, as Roger will give you a deeper recap later this evening. But that was a horrendous eyesore of a game and a severely disappointing note to end the season on. Alabama’s leading point guard, Jahvon Quinnerly, went out of the game fairly early in the first half with a knee injury, and Alabama lost ground, letting Notre Dame get ahead through the middle of the half.

Eventually, though, they found their shooting rhythm and stormed back, getting the game close to tied up again by halftime with a nice display of passing and shooting. In the second half, though, everything fell flat. Alabama’s shooting went ice cold and they clearly missed Quinnerly, but overall they just looked like a team that didn’t know how to recover from a stretch of poor play and poor shooting.

They almost cut the lead to single digits with a couple of minutes left, but Coach Oats drew a technical foul when Keon Ellis didn’t manage to draw a foul call when jumping into a defender while shooting a 3-pointer, and the team was toast after that.

Just a disappointing end to a season that has been mostly a disappointment ever since January. Nate Oats will now have an offseason to regroup and figure out what went wrong to recapture the excellent play we saw from his teams in 2021.

Roll Tide