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Pale Afternoon R10:

Is your money that good?

How much do I know / To talk out of turn...

Dang, RBRers. I was all set to sling a buncha party tunes out here, then ol’ Bob pops up with this anti-war dirge and stomps on my plans but good. I thought about skipping over this one, but rules is rules, and let’s face it... this one’s relevant AF. So hat’s off to ya, Mr. Zimmerman, and best wishes to everyone who passes this way. Obviously, my music maker had lots of other junk in store as well, so if nasally folk songs aren’t your cup o’ tea, just walk on down the line. Better still, please drop your own ten tunes in the comments below. Peace, y’all...

  1. Masters of War by Bob Dylan
  2. Field Day for the Sundays by Wire
  3. Obvious by Jane’s Addiction
  4. Roadrunner by The Modern Lovers
  5. Turn It On by The Flaming Lips
  6. Mood Swing by Luscious Jackson
  7. Jukebox (Don’t Put Another Dime) by The Flirts
  8. Dirty Sexy Money by The Struts
  9. Sunday Bloody Sunday by Saul Williams
  10. You Can’t Always Get What You Want by The Rolling Stones