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Jumbo Package: Alabama asks Mississippi State to Homecoming

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Your latest Crimson Tide news and notes.

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Happy Friday, everyone.

The Alabama women’s basketball team upset 6-seed Georgia in the SEC tournament yesterday, setting up a matchup with 3-seed Tennessee today. The Tide upset the Vols in Tuscaloosa a couple of weeks ago. Another win over the Vols would at least make things interesting where the NCAA tournament is concerned.

The Gym Tide face off against Arkansas tonight at Coleman then finish off the regular season in Huntsville on Sunday in their Elevate the Stage event with Arkansas, Auburn, and Georgia. Softball will be heavily favored as they host the Crimson Classic this weekend, while baseball welcomes Murray State to The Joe.

Meanwhile, the football team has asked Mississippi State to Homecoming.

Also on Thursday, Alabama announced its homecoming game would be played Oct. 22 when Mississippi State comes to Tuscaloosa. The Crimson Tide have won 20 straight homecoming games.

Mike Leach is probably disappointed that he didn’t get a cutesy Tik Tok prom-posal thing.

Vanderbilt grad transfer Tyler Steen’s father says that Alabama is recruiting him hard.

“Alabama is the last visit,” Daris Steen said. “The first thing he is looking for is academics. I graduated from Pepperdine, and my wife, who is an attorney, graduated from Berkeley. He wants to go to a good MBA program. He also is looking for a great winning tradition and a stable of proven coaches.

“We have mainly talked with Coach Wolf (new Alabama offensive line coach Eric Wolford). I know Tyler had at least one conversation with Coach Saban. All the schools are recruiting him a little differently. Some more aggressive than others. He’s just looking for the right fit. Alabama looks like they may have a need at left tackle.”

Tyler may well be a great player and it’s nothing against him at all when I say this, but if Alabama has a need at left tackle then we have a big problem. Amari Kight, JC Latham and Tommy Brockermeyer should all be good options at that spot based on their ratings coming out of high school

Brian Robinson spoke about King Henry at the Combine.

“I’ve been watching Derrick since he stepped into the league. I’ve watched his growth as a running back from Year 1 to now and how he took his game to the next level in the NFL. I watch all the guys that came through Alabama. They’re like my brothers now because we kind of went through the same process. We have respect for each other based on our experiences at Alabama. It’s good that I watch those guys so I can know what to expect when I’m stepping into that position.”

B Rob was a great leader on the 2021 team, something that is sorely lacking on the men’s basketball team according to Nate Oats.

“We’ve got some guys who are trying to lead,” Oats said. “I think (James) Rojas is really trying to. He’s competitive, he’s fiery. He’s trying to speak up and be a leader. Other guys, it seems like maybe sometimes their leadership … when they’re playing well, it’s easier to be a better leader. They’re willing to talk. Sometimes, even if you’re maybe not playing well yourself, as long as you’re playing hard, you can still speak. I’ve tried to get that across. I’ve got to do a better job building leaders.”

Oats also said he needs to figure out a better way to motivate his team to play hard. Once again, he felt the effort was too inconsistent.

“It would be nice if they played hard for each other,” Oats said.

That last line is everything. There is a pride that exists within competitors not to be the one to let their teammates down. When accountability only comes from external factors like the coach, it just isn’t as effective.

A massive in-state lineman is drawing some late interest from the Tide.

Alabama was late to show interest in Ryqueze McElderry and ultimately saw the 6-foot-3, 340-pound offensive lineman commit to Georgia last November. The Anniston, Ala., native maintains that he is still fully committed to the Bulldogs, but admits he will always have a special place in his heart for the Crimson Tide.

“I came into this world and Alabama fan before I even knew who Alabama was,” McElderry told BamaCentral last month. “It’s just in our family, everybody loves Alabama in my family. I’ve still got love for Alabama. I know that I’m committed to Georgia, but Alabama has always been my dream school. That sets Alabama apart from all the other schools.”

Last, the hits just keep on coming in Baton Rouge.

USA Today reported Thursday that it spoke to three LSU employees, including Lewis, who provided more detail of inappropriate gestures and comments by Wilson, including a woman saying Wilson tried to kiss her in an after-hours meeting regarding football recruitment. The woman said she reported it to Lewis, and the woman shared a text message with USA Today telling Wilson the calls to her were not appropriate.

LSU brought Wilson back to LSU under great fanfare, tripling his salary to pay him $950,000 a year.

It hasn’t been easy sledding thus far for Brian Kelly.

That’s about it for today. Have a great weekend.

Roll Tide.