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Alabama 2022 Spring Football Preview: Quarterback

The Crimson Tide is solid in this department.

NCAA Football: Alabama at Florida
There will be more days like this for Bryce Young.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We conclude our 2022 Spring Previews with the most anticlimactic position.


  • Paul Tyson transferred to Arizona State.
  • Stone Hollenbach non-scholarship player transferred to Western Michigan.
  • Braxton Barker walk-on has retired and is now a GA.


  • Bryce Young - Can you believe that just two years ago, this young man was a wet-behind the ears freshman stepping onto a college practice field for the first time. Now as a rising junior, he sounds like a wise old veteran. Young was phenomenal last season. With a better supporting cast and if Loki had just looked the other way in December, the final outcome of the 2021 campaign might have been much different. I have a hard time finding much fault in his game. Of course, he is humble and always wants to get better.
  • Jalen Milroe - I have been gushing about this guy since he was a recruit. The sophomore won’t be beating out Young anytime soon but he is legit. Steve Sarkisian recruited and signed this 4-star out of Texas (it’s ironic that he flipped from the Texas Longhorns). He is big (6’2”/212) with a strong arm and can run.
  • OC/QB Coach Bill O’Brien is back which is nice for continuity. Alabama was sixth in the nation in scoring with 39.9 point per game.


  • Some expect 5-star true freshman Ty Simpson (6’2”/198) to take over in 2023.
  • Preferred walk-on Blake Jarrett transferred from Vanderbilt. He’ll probably never play until the final seconds of the 2025 Southern New Mexico A&M game, but it’s good to have a fourth signal caller on the team.


You know who number one is. The real battle will be who is the first one called on in garbage time. Milroe has the advantage of a year in the system. By all reports, he is ahead of Simpson who will need time to acclimate. Imagine going from playing middle Tennessee high school football to practicing against THIS defense.

  1. Bryce
  2. Milroe
  3. Ty