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Alabama Crimson Tide Spring Football 2022: A-Day Game Open Thread and How to Watch

The one shining oasis of football in the dearth of spring and summer has arrived

2018 University of Alabama Spring Football Set Number: X161873 TK5

A-Day is finally here, and Alabama fans will be treated with a couple of hours of football that displays the entirety of the Crimson Tide’s roster, and we’ll then have the ammo to overreact to absolutely everything that happens for 4 months as Saban gets mad at everyone for asking any questions at all about anything that transpires in the game. It’s an annual tradition.

Alabama did release the rosters for the Crimson and White teams yesterday:

With the White team consisting of the 1st team defense and 2nd team offense and Crimson being 1st offense and 2nd defense, most of the placements are pretty expected. The most interesting nugget, to me, is that Chris Braswell is on the white team with Will Anderson and Dallas Turner. That tells me he’s viewed as the 3rd starter at edge rusher, rather than the backup to Will and Dallas.

Jaylen Moody also appears to still be ahead of Deontae Lawson for Will linebacker (expected, as he’s the veteran). Aaron Anderson is still second team offense. The first grouping is Jermaine Burton, JoJo Earle, Ja’Corey Brooks (out with injury), and Traeshon Holden.

Also, Malachi Moore is with the second team, rather than being co-first team with Brian Branch.

Other than that, most everything is pretty much as expected.

How to watch

The game is at 2:00 pm CT. It will not be televised over cable, but is streamed on SECN+. Don’t worry, though. If you have a cable package that has the SECN, then you’ll be able to use those credentials to watch it online.

Enjoy, overreact, and Roll Tide!