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NFL Film Analyst Breaks Down Bryce Young’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Bryce still has plenty of room to get better with a year of starting under his belt, which should terrify defensive coordinators.

Alex Rollins, NFL film analyst extraordinaire and contributor to SBNation’s San Francisco 49ers site Niners Nation, has dropped a fantastic breakdown on Bryce Young’s first season as a college starter. It is fair and he does a great job explaining the traits that won Bryce a Heisman as well as those he needs to further develop in order to achieve his NFL dreams. Enjoy.

There is little question that defensive coordinators adjusted to Young in November, choosing to sit back in coverage rather than get after him. For whatever reason, he seemed a bit tentative at times and failed to pull the trigger on some open receivers. I thought he got better in the postseason, however, and now has a full offseason to self-scout and really drill down on those problematic areas.

Everything about his character suggests that Bryce will work tirelessly to perfect his game, and something tells me that he doesn’t want to leave Tuscaloosa without winning a ring as a starter. This should be an exciting year for Alabama fans.

Roll Tide.