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Sweet Random 10:

Come and join the revolution...

They’re out on the streets...

Reachin’ into the way-back machine for our title tune this time, friends. I’m weary but ready for weekend revelry. I’d also like to mention that apparently The Blips found out about their Random 10 appearance last week, because someone else let me know that they dropped the link to our little RBR playground on their Facebook page. You just never know who’s lurking around here, huh? So please play along again and drop your latest random song selection in the comment section. Recognize your age, it’s a teenage rampage now, now, now...

  1. Teenage Rampage by Sweet
  2. Eve of Reality by Arrested Development
  3. Rockin’ in the Free World by Neil Young
  4. Believer by Imagine Dragons
  5. Don’t Believe the Hype by Public Enemy
  6. Kiss You All Over by Exile
  7. Middle of the Road by The Pretenders
  8. Tenderness by General Public
  9. Instant Crush by Cage the Elephant
  10. Howling at the Moon by The Ramones

Bonus: Necromancer by Seratones