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Beth, What Can I Do? R10:

I want to go down in musical history...

I’d Rather Be Famous Than Righteous or Holy...
Cover Me Songs

All apologies to those who were hoping to find a certain song listed here from Knights In Satan’s Service, but I just had to take a shot at our wonderful new commenting system they dropped on us in the past 24 hours (since I’m primarily taking the usual honor away from Morrisey, I don’t feel too bad about it...although Johnny Marr is a bada$$, but I digress). Anyhoo, let’s proceed to enjoy our weekly buffet of rawk, shall we? Y’all know what to do...

  1. Frankly, Mr. Shankly by The Smiths
  2. Rubber Ring by The Smiths
  3. Running to Stand Still by U2
  4. Hungry for You by The Police
  5. Drivin’ Down to Georgia by Tom Petty
  6. Any Requests? by Todd Snider
  7. Rapid Roy (The Stock Car Boy) by Jim Croce
  8. Hey Santa by U.K. Subs
  9. I’ll Wait by Van Halen
  10. Moonage Daydream by David Bowie