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Jumbo Package: Jimbo Fisher won’t let controversy die

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Auburn v Texas A&M Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday, everyone. The Jimbo Fisher NIL drama simply won’t die, thanks to....

Jimbo Fisher.

For some reason he sat down for another interview in which he appeared even more unhinged and defensive than at his press conference. He even snapped at a female staffer who was trying to get him to shut up, which is always a smart thing to do with cameras rolling. Take a look.

It’s interesting that Jimbo is claiming that only one of eleven early enrollees has a deal. Maybe that’s true, and maybe it isn’t, but several five stars including prized DT Walter Nolen have yet to enroll. Oh, and this happened.

A Friday release stated that Imhotep Charter and Texas A&M defensive end recruit Enai White, one of the state’s top prospects in the Class of 2022, has been replaced by Mount Lebanon DT Owen Halter.

According to the release from an official with the Pa. High School Football Coaches Association, White was told by Texas A&M that his Name, Image and Likeness money would be withheld if he participated in the Memorial Day event.

To be fair, Enai has yet to enroll.

I have no idea whether the NCAA plans to look into Texas A&M, but Jimbo seems to be daring them.

Justin Thomas got his dig in.


This is a great piece from Seth Emerson on Greg Shaheen, who tried his best to get NCAA brass to figure out NIL more than a decade ago.

What could the NCAA have done? Settling the O’Bannon case could have been one option, but Shaheen sees it as less than just understanding that NIL rights were inevitable, and preparing for it. Gradually tweak your rules so you can arrive at a good point where NIL rights exist but with regulations that pass legal and ethical muster.

Instead, the NCAA and its member schools dug in. And the more they dug in, the more the lawyers and state legislators united against the NCAA. And finally, last July 1, the white flag went up and the NCAA is still figuring out what to do.

As NIL rule changes approached in April 2021, Shaheen’s name came up during a zoom call reunion of former SAC members, according to Daniels. They saw Shaheen as a soothsayer who correctly warned that if the NCAA and its members didn’t come up with appropriate NIL rules then others would make the rules for them.

Shaheen parted ways with the NCAA two years later. Nice move, Mark.

Last, Mac Jones apparently no longer has a dad bod.

“I think every year you want to do like a self-diagnosis of how you felt for the games, your body fat, all that stuff,” Jones said on Monday, “and for me, just cleaning up my diet. I’ve learned more this offseason than I ever have about nutrition, sleep, wellness, all that stuff, so I’m kind of take what I learned that I feel will help me and apply it.”

But Jones said more had changed from last year to this year than his level of conditioning.

That’s about it for now.

Have a great day.

Roll Tide.