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Dance Around Us While We Sleep R10:

All you see and want is freedom...

We never said we were the chosen ones...

Oh, those boys from Mississippi, now Nashville natives, have sauntered back into the lineup again at the ol’ Random 10, and I don’t mind a bit. I can’t predict how far these fellas will make it in the biz. The music game is an enigma — tons of talented men and women play practically every night to quiet clubs across America, while the soulless moneyed melody machine churns out one unidentifiable pop star after another for your FM dial.

Well, we may curse the twisted system with one fist, but let’s never fail to raise the other in allegiance with the people who produce a thrilling three minutes or more to satisfy our weary souls.

BTW, I realize that the Texas tragedy (no, not Jimbo) has thrown bigger burdens upon our shoulders this week, but please resolve to join me in song-filled solidarity by slapping your own randomly selected material in Coral’s inferior-yet-somehow-still-usable comment section below.

And yea, though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, may peace be with each and every one of you, today and in days to come. Forever and ever, Amen.

  1. Dear Bo Jackson by The Weeks (the guitar player’s a big ‘Bama fan, so go figure)
  2. Left of the Dial by The Replacements (the quintessential ‘Mats anthem)
  3. Stratford-On-Guy by Liz Phair (I just noticed that this is the third straight artist I’ve seen live)
  4. Jawbreaker by Ruby Grace (nope, not her, but I’ve got an open mind)
  5. Stop Your Sobbing by The Kinks (still waiting for the brothers to make up & reunite)
  6. Harlot’s Bluff by The Weeks (once more, with feeling)
  7. Feeling Called Love by Wire (sweet, sweet punk rock revelry)
  8. I Shall Be Free by Bob Dylan (I’ve seen Bob a few times, and IMO this one’s his funniest)
  9. What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye (I really don’t know, Marvin, but thanks for asking)
  10. Louder Than a Bomb by Public Enemy (seen Chuck perform & met him — very nice guy)

Bonus: All Things Must Pass by George Harrison (the truest Beatle’s truest tune)