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Jumbo Package: Former Tide QB, Jay Barker, Convicted of Reckless Endangerment

Thank goodness for all the celebrities out there giving us stuff to gossip about in the offseason doldrums

University of Tennessee vs University of Alabama
Jay Barker in 1992.
Set Number: X43523

With so little going on in the Alabama sports world at the moment (thanks offseason), we’re going to be a bit sporadic with what I’m linking to. Enjoy!

Many of the NFL teams are starting to show videos and snippets from their draft rooms during the draft. It’s good marketing — makes the fans feel involved.

This one specifically is pretty cool as we get to see just how hyper-focused Detroit was on getting Jameson Williams. They weren’t just after the best receiver available... They wanted Jamo, as evidenced by the relief when Chris Olave was picked by the Saints.

Former University of Alabama quarterback Jay Barker is on probation for reckless endangerment in Tennessee after being charged with a felony in a January incident involving his estranged wife, country singer Sara Evans.

In January, Barker was charged with felony aggravated felony assault with a weapon.

On Thursday, he was convicted of reckless endangerment not involving a weapon, which is a misdemeanor, according to Kris Mumford, public information officer with the Metro Nashville Police Department.

It was not clear if Barker was found guilty or pleaded guilty to a lesser charge.

Well, for Barker, a misdemeanor is much better than a felony. Regardless, the former star QB now has a criminal record, and his superstar wife is divorcing him. Turns out trying to hit (or at least pretending to try and hit) your ex-wife with a car isn’t the best move.

Speaking of jilted ex-spouses, this has nothing to do with Alabama, but is entertaining nonetheless:

This dude just walked up to Britney Spears’ wedding and started walking around filming himself saying he was going to crash it.

As you might expect, he wound up getting tackled and got the cops called on him.

In the midst of all of the coaching changes for the Alabama gymnastics squad, we now, at least, have one constant in the staff:

Newly appointed Alabama head gymnastics coach Ashley Johnston announced Thursday that Gina Quinlan will remain part of the Crimson Tide staff as an assistant coach. Quinlan, a UA gymnastics alumni, is entering her second season on Alabama’s staff.

In her first season as a member of the Alabama staff, the Crimson Tide finished second at the SEC Championships, second at the NCAA Seattle Regional and seventh at the NCAA Championships. Alabama also posted three marks of 198-plus during the year.

If you’re up for some nostalgia, here’s Kirk McNair talking about some of his favorite Alabama wins over the Georgia Bulldogs:

All victories are not created equal. And sometimes – quite a few, actually – a favorite win over a team can be supplanted by a later triumph.

In this series we look at some victories that we consider the greatest/most favorite against other teams. There is no particular order.

Today: Georgia.

Although Alabama and Georgia have had only scattered appearances against one another in recent years, the series was once a Southeastern Conference staple. The Crimson Tide has won 42 games, lost 26, and 4 were tied.

As some other series, the Alabama-Georgia games have often been important and dramatic and it was difficult to narrow down the favorites…to a point. I don’t expect anyone to be surprised at number one.

I bet you can’t guess what his favorite was...

JaMarcus Russell has been a laughing stock, a meme, a cautionary tale, and a driver of change in the way the NFL handles draft picks. Through all of his fall into infamy, Russell has basically been totally silent for over a decade. Now, we get a Player’s Tribune article outlining his story, and it’s a really interesting read.

Finally, Raekwon Davis is training the Phins up right: