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Roll ‘Bama Roll Errata Correction

Setting the record straight

This morning’s edition of the Jumbo Package featured the headline, “Jumbo Package: Former Tide QB, Jay Barker, Convicted of Reckless Endangerment.” That information is correct and factual; the Tide standout did plead to the misdemeanor charge and will serve a short probationary period.

However, the cover art for the JP featured a photograph of former Tide star, and current Miami Dolphins quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa. While there is a story in today’s JP about the Dolphins — just a quick hitter regarding Dixieland Delight — that is not apparent from the headline.

Despite the headline clearly naming Jay Barker, the the cover art could have led to the mistaken impression that Tua Tagovailoa was implicated in a domestic incident, or had been convicted of reckless endangerment.

That is not the case. And we are happy to set the record straight.

Thank you for reading,

Roll ‘Bama Roll Editorial Staff