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Dad’s Day Random 10:

What the hell? What the heck?

There’s love in my eyes...

Despite the efforts of CB, Erik, and yours truly, VoxCoralBeth wouldn’t recognize my identity from my undisclosed location earlier this week, so here I am to humbly beg your apologies and bestow upon you this belated offering of Father’s Day tunage. That’ll teach me to go on vacation, eh? At least we get to lead off with the man. Party on, dudes...

  1. Five Foot One by Iggy Pop
  2. Alright Guy by Todd Snider
  3. Money so big by Yeat
  4. Camelot by NLE Choppa
  5. Bow Breaks by The Weeks (feat. The Watson Twins)
  6. Come and Get Your Love by Redbone
  7. Black Peter by the Grateful Dead
  8. Pride by Arrested Development
  9. Old World by The Modern Lovers
  10. Since You’re Gone by The Cars