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Dance in the Breeze R10:

Here I sit in my house singing to you...

I wanna see my friends / And play with my band...

Greetings and peace to you, fellow music fans. It’s been a rough week around here, laden with death and disease, so we’re gonna lean on our friends and God’s gifts of melody and rhythm to soothe our souls once more. I was comforted by the young, energetic ladies landing in the leadoff spot this week, and I am more than satisfied with the general punk vibe littering this particular Random 10. Of course, if that’s not your favorite flavor (or even if it is), please lay down your own tracks in the comments below. This week, we really need you. Such is life. Party on, dudes!

  1. Missing You by The Linda Lindas
  2. (I’m) Stranded by The Saints
  3. Tell Me Something Good by Rufus (feat. Chaka Khan)
  4. Keeping Track by Superchunk
  5. Hey Tonight by CCR
  6. Fall In Love With Me by Iggy Pop
  7. Roller Derby Queen by Jim Croce
  8. Damaged Goods by Gang of Four
  9. Beer Run (Live) by Todd Snider
  10. Success by Iggy Pop

Bonus: Lady Cab Driver by Prince