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Jumbo Package: Video Evidence of Aggie Sleaze, USC and UCLA headed to Big Ten

Your latest Crimson Tide news and notes.

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Happy Friday, everyone. This little video was making the rounds yesterday, and it sure seems to support Saban’s comments about Aggie cheating.

Can’t wait to see Jimbo’s press conference answering questions about this.

As you know, the Big Ten voted to add USC and UCLA, setting up a “Power Two.”

Clemson, Florida State and Miami have a decision to make. Industry sources believe it’s a reasonable expectation that the ACC powers had previously inquired with the SEC, possibly even the Big Ten.

The possibility of $80 million-$100 million in annual media rights trumps anything the ACC can produce through the length of the current TV deal that ends in 2036. However, even a hefty penalty for breaking the grant of rights – rumored to be more than $50 million — could be financed over that period. Those schools would still come out ahead of what they’re making in the ACC.

“And honestly, I think that’s our future. I haven’t spoken with anybody, but I think that’s where this thing, when the dust settles, that’s where we’re going to be. With about 50-55 teams, half of them in the Big Ten, half of them in the SEC. If we’re simplifying it, think AFC, NFC in the NFL. Saturdays, you’re going to have three divisions: West, Middle and East or South, and that’s what it’s going to be. I think there’s going to be some very tough decisions because [it’s] going to keep out a lot of teams that want to be a part of this future and they’re not going to be invited. So it’s going to be more of the haves or the have nots in college athletics.”

It’s hard to see a way this is good for college football. Time was, regional relationships mattered. USC joined the PCC in 1922, UCLA in 1928. They won conference championships and played in Rose Bowls and became flagship programs and, once college football came under the spell of profit maximization, the two schools most important to the Pac-12’s media rights valuation. In the wake of Texas and Oklahoma skipping town on the Big 12 last summer, it would have been silly to think the Pac-12 wasn’t just as vulnerable to one (or two) of its powers acting in similarly cold-blooded fashion. There just wasn’t anything to signal it would happen so soon.

It’s tough to imagine Oregon sticking around to head up a de facto Group of Five league. Washington would be the most logical “partner,” but there could be obstacles for both. I doubt the Big Ten wants Wazzu or the Beavers, and either state legislature could try to block the respective flagship schools from joining a different conference.

Stay tuned, there are certainly more shoes to drop.

Eli Holstein is going to work on the recruiting trail.

“Towards the end (of my process) pretty much,” Holstein told 247Sports’ Steve Wiltfong at Elite 11 check-in of when he knew he was going to Alabama. “They recruited me really really hard. They were on me talking to me multiple times a week, talking football constantly with Coach (Bill) O’Brien and talking with Coach Saban really sold me.

“The program speaks for itself with all the championships they won and guys they put in the league and guys they developed, especially recently at my position. The last three are starting in the NFL, with Tua, Jalen and Mac, and Bryce Young just won the Heisman Trophy and will probably be a top five, if not the number one pick next year and hopefully starting on an NFL team as well.”

Last, Nate Oats spoke about his roster.

“Mark’s been really good. I knew he could score it well at Ohio. He’s been a lot better point guard than what I thought maybe he was gonna be coming in. He’s gotten really good at making reads. He’s an Alabama kid that’s really all about Alabama basketball, and you can tell. He wants us to be good. He’s eager to learn. And then he’s been making shots. He shot 42 percent at Ohio from three. We needed shooting. (Jahvon) Quinerly and Jaden Bradley have not been able to practice yet, so he’s been getting tons of reps at the point. We’re gonna be able to play him on the ball and off the ball both with how well he shoots it. But I think it’s been good for his development to have to play the point every day in practice with those two out, and he’s gotten really good. He’s learning our offense quickly, and I like the kid a lot. He’s strong, tough, shows some tenacity on defense, too. So he’s gonna add a lot to our program.”

Nate also mentioned that Jaden Bradley hasn’t been able to practice yet, which isn’t ideal. Still, having a veteran presence at the point like Sears will be invaluable. Bradley should be the starter by the time SEC play rolls around, but having an experienced, smart player to come in and steady things when needed always helps.

That’s about it for today. Have a great weekend.

Roll Tide.