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And I Wonder R10:

When I sing along with you...

If anything could ever be this good again...
Rolling Stone

Life is such a vast and complex combination of joy and pain and sadness and wonder, it amazes me that so many of us find ways to hang on for the ride. If you’re a regular here, I’m guessing that one of the keys for you has also been the sweet salve of song. Music, man... there’s nothing quite like it for soul soothing. So, if you will, take time to scan one man’s random compilation, then please do us the favor of planting your own tunes in the comments below. Then pick a few to tune in, turn up, & chill out...

  1. Everlong (Acoustic Version) by Foo Fighters (RIP Taylor Hawkins)
  2. You Can’t Have Me by Big Star (RIP Alex Chilton, Chris Bell, and Andy Hummel)
  3. Hypocritical Kiss by Jack White
  4. Planet Claire by The B-52’s (RIP Ricky Wilson)
  5. The Diamond Church Street Choir by The Gaslight Anthem
  6. Telescope by Cage The Elephant
  7. Here Comes My Girl by Tom Petty (RIP)
  8. Undone (The Sweater Song) by Weezer
  9. West Coast by FIDLAR
  10. In God’s Country by U2

Bonus: Loose by The Stooges (RIP Dave Alexander and Ron & Scott Asheton)