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Alabama Roster Update: Grading the new jersey numbers

WHY must all the wide receivers continue to forsake the 80s?

Alabama v Florida Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images dropped an updated roster today, with all of the summer enrollees picking their new jersey numbers and a few other players doing some switcheroos. No heights/weights were updated this time around. There’s a good chance we’ll get one more update before the season starts.

Of note, upperclassman and career backup defensive lineman Braylen Ingraham has disappeared from the roster. Nothing’s been reported on him entering the Portal or retiring, but considering his age and spot on the depth chart, it won’t be surprising.

In any case, here are all the number changes, and my thoughts:

  • QB Jalen Milroe #2 to #4 — Cool. I guess. Lateral move.
  • RB Jahmyr Gibbs #13 to #1 — It’s fine. 1 is a good number for the speedster. But 13 was cooler for sure.
  • RB Jase McClellan #21 to #2 — Downgrade. #21 is such a great number as a multiple of 3
  • RB Roydell Williams #23 to #5 — Also a downgrade. 5 is a weird number for a RB
  • WR Aaron Anderson #82 to #13 — I will forever stand by my opinion that WRs abandoning the 80s has been a bad move. That said, #13 is a good fit for Anderson
  • WR Kendrick Law #83 to #19 — WHY??? 83 is such a great number. And for 19? Seriously?
  • TE Robbie Ouzts — No number change, but a heck of a new moustache. Going for the Top Gun look
  • OL Tyler Booker #54 to #52 — Whatever. Looks like he had to change for Tyler Steen coming in
  • DB Terrion Arnold #12 to #3 — Clear upgrade. 12 is a QB number and should only be a QB number
  • DB Devonta Smith #27 to #8 — Lateral move, though I’d have stuck with 27.

Next here are the jersey numbers selected by all of the newcomers:

  • RB Emmanuel Henderson #24 — Good, solid RB number. Also works well for defensive back, which Henderson may very well move to.
  • WR Tyler Harrell #8 — Ok, I guess. 8 is kind of a fat, rounded number though, and I like for the speedy types to have a sharper number.
  • WR Isaiah Bond #17 — Good number for the speedster
  • WR Shazz Preston #18 — I’d have preferred something in the 80s for the possession-style receiver, but 18 isn’t bad at all
  • WR Kobe Prentice #80 — FINALLY!!!
  • TE Amari Niblack #84 — Perfect number. Very unassuming in today’s game, but also was once home for other crazy athletes, such as Randy Moss
  • TE Danny Lewis #87 — He’s a big guy, and 87 is a big boy number
  • TE Miles Kitselman #88 — Kitselman rolls off the tongue funny, and 88 looks similar. I like it.
  • OL Tyler Steen #54 — Cool
  • OL Elijah Pritchett #57 — Pritchett is a sharp name, and 57 is a sharp number. I approve.
  • DL Isaiah Hastings #99 — Ok I guess. But Hastings is more of an outside defensive tackle, not a nose tackle. 99 is a nose tackle number. There were better choices out there.
  • DB Antonio Kite #12 — Sigh. What did I JUST say about #12 being only for QBs?
  • DB Jake Pope #21 — Perfect number for a safety. Love it.
  • DB Jalen Little II #20 — Apparently his name is not Earl, but Jalen. I’m confused, too. Anyway, #20 is solid. There are better choices, but I’ll never complain about a defensive back in the 20s.