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Jumbo Package: Jimbo Fisher mentions schedule format at SEC Media Days

Your latest Crimson Tide news and notes

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NCAA Football: SEC Media Days Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday, everyone. SEC Media Days are in the books and a mere 42 days stand between you and the season opener. Will Anderson is excited about the outside linebackers.

“I want everybody to eat,” Anderson said. “I’m so excited for the outside linebacker room because there’s a lot of dogs in that room, and they’re hungry.”

Anderson said Saban asked him to gain weight this offseason and he now weighs about 250 pounds after spending last season at 245.

“It’s more lean, so I really don’t look like I weigh 250 pounds,” he said. “But I feel good, I’m moving good, the coaches love it, so it’s been great.”

Kirby Smart is now making more than Nick Saban.

Well, Smart’s deal will average $11.25 million a year.

Saban’s 2021 update averages $10.6 million over an eight-year span for a total of $84.8 million.

In terms of 2022 pay, Smart is set to make $10.25 million compared to $9.9 million for Saban.

These numbers are just for the base salary/talent fees and does not include bonuses. Saban was paid $10.4 million in 2021, according to Alabama salary records, when his base salary/talent fee was $9.5 million. A national title would net Saban an $800,000 bonus while an SEC championship game win is worth an extra $125,000.

On the last day of media days, Jimbo Fisher gave us some insight on the scheduling, and it seems like three permanent rivalries will be the model.

“You want Texas, when Texas comes into the league, when that schedule comes in, definitely because of that rivalry. I think LSU is a great rivalry. But that’s probably our two biggest,” he said. “I think the third team on our gamut, if I am not mistaken, was Mississippi State. Another West team. I believe that’s the way it was. I’m trying to think off the top of my head.” Fisher’s statement of specific rivalries was apparently the first public indication that the SEC has moved beyond the theoretical stage of one-division scheduling and into actual hypothetical schedules.

Multiple reporters noted that Jimbo speaks much faster than all of the other coaches. I’ve heard that certain substances can cause such a thing, but that’s none of my business. On the schedule, the likelihood is that divisions are gone, and the top two of sixteen teams will play for the SEC title every year. The only question now is just how hard Tennessee tries to get out of having Alabama on their annual list. They will have to lose one of Alabama, Georgia, Florida, or Vanderbilt, and you know they don’t want to lose Vandy.

G. Allan Taylor at The Athletic went all high school yearbook on us.

Most likely to lecture those ungrateful kids

Referencing NIL haggling and players being granted multiple transfers, Leach said college players suddenly have more privileges than pros.

He told reporters: “Go up to your favorite NFL guy, say, ‘Hey, I heard in the NFL they’re going to have unmitigated free agency, 365, 24/7. And by the way, there’s not going to be any salary cap or draft — you’re just going to have bidding wars.’ Just watch the expression on their face. Don’t look at anything else or write down any notes because the expression on their face will be well worth it.”

He ain’t wrong.

Bryan Harsin was asked about the most Auburn coup attempt possible, of course failed because it’s Auburn and failing is what they do best.

Nearly six months after surviving an internal coup aimed at his job, Bryan Harsin stood on the main stage of SEC Media Days inside the College Football Hall of Fame. Confident and holding nothing back, the second-year Auburn coach remained steadfast in his vision for the program — an impressive feat considering that he just as easily could have been one-and-done in the SEC.

“There was an inquiry. It was uncomfortable. It was unfounded,” said Harsin. “It presented the opportunity for people to attack me and my family and also my program. It didn’t work.”

Last, look at this spectacular spectacle (h/t to that Athletic piece above).

That big doofus has woo pig coursing through his veins. Sam Pittman and Arkansas define “cultural fit.”

That’s about it for today. Have a great weekend.

Roll Tide.