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Spread Your Wings R10:

You’re going to rise up singing...

The livin’ is easy...
Rolling Stone

Dammit, Janis, I love you. Problem child that you were, few people have given as much of themselves artistically than you did with your rugged, sultry songs. So thank you. And thanks to all of you who dig the R10 and dig around your own musical collections to bring us gifts of Golden Earring, Frank Zappa, and Mary J. Blige, to name a few. Party on, dudes!

  1. Summertime by Janis Joplin
  2. Pool by tricot
  3. Trail of Tears by Guadalcanal Diary
  4. Ex Lion Tamer by Wire
  5. Uncle John’s Band by Grateful Dead
  6. Always Saturday by Guadalcanal Diary
  7. Robots by Flight of the Conchords
  8. Alright by Jamiroquai
  9. Wart Hog by The Ramones
  10. American Woman by Lenny Kravitz