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Jumbo Package: Gump Day!

Look out college football, Saban has this Alabama team ready to lay waste

NCAA Football: SEC Championship-Georgia vs Alabama Gary Cosby Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

To kick off Gump Day, here’s an inspiring message from the GOAT himself:

Nobody can deadpan quite like Nick.

For what it’s worth, Stephen A. gave one of his patented legendary rants in Saban’s defense:

“You got to be kidding me, Paul Finebaum?” Smith said. “This is Nick Saban we’re talking about here, OK? Last time I checked, I saw an injury take place to his No. 2 wide receiver in the national championship game when Jameson Williams went down. I think they beat Georgia if that injury doesn’t take place. ...

“This year, what Nick Saban is saying it is what it is. That happened. There were reasons and rationales to why that happened. You have no evidence that he’s lying because when he said that, Paul Finebaum, he turns around, he corrects that and what does he wind up doing? Winning another national championship as he will do again this year.

I’ll say it beforehand: Alabama. They coming.”

Smith then attempted to go down Alabama’s upcoming schedule and had a message for Texas A&M and Aggie fans.

”I already feel sorry for what’s going to happen to Jimbo Fisher,” he said. “Not only did you beat him last year. But then you talked all that smack about him - even though Saban should not have named names when he said what he said about the whole NIL issue.

“But Jimbo Fisher went nuclear. He went nuclear. I feel bad for what’s going to happen to Texas A&M when they go down to Alabama this year,” Smith said. “Them boys in trouble. So all I’m trying to say to you is I understand what you’re talking about, but you’re nit-picking Paul Finebaum. You’re nit-picking. Nick Saban is great, OK, he’s phenomenal. He’s the greatest coach in the history of college football.”


Burton discussed his relationship with Young and the influence he had on his decision.

“My relationship with Bryce is great,” said Burton in his first media appearance since joining the Tide. “He’s a guy I’ve known since high school. I did my last years out in California, so our relationship was pretty good there, as well. But pretty much when I came in here, it just clicked on. We just both wanted the best for each other. He wanted me to learn the offense as quick as possible. It’s just me trying to learn anything I can do or any little tips I need or anything I can work on as far as being just an overall better receiving corps and quarterback room.”

Here’s to hoping Burton is able to have the season he wants to have since leaving the UGA neanderball offensive system.

Alabama’s DeMarcco Hellams didn’t take credit for giving himself a nickname, but he didn’t deny it either. Last week fellow safety Jordan Battle revealed that Hellams is known as “Hit Man,” because of his aggressive plays, “and hard hits.” And he said, “I think he gave it to himself.”

Hellams, a 6-1, 208-pound senior, met with reporters prior to Crimson Tide practice Monday and said, “It’s just one of those nicknames someone came up with. My tenacity on the field, I don’t fear anyone, and I’m not afraid to hit anyone.

“I’ll take that nickname.”

I’ve got a long history here on RBR of stanning for DeMarcco Hellams and calling for more playing time for him. Whenever he’s been healthy and in the starting lineup has coincided with Alabama’s best stretches of defense over the past two seasons.

Between him, Jordan Battle, and Brian Branch, the Tide secondary has to be the hardest hitting safety group in the country in 2022.

Carolina Panthers center Bradley Bozeman left Tuesday’s joint practice session with the New England Patriots on a cart after suffering an apparent leg injury.

Bozeman got tangled up during an 11-on-11 period and was attended to by trainers for several minutes. He was able to sit upright and get to his feet on his own power. But he walked gingerly with trainers to a nearby cart before heading to the locker room.

Best of luck to Bozeman. Hopefully this injury is nothing more than a preseason setback and he’s able to get back into things early in the season.

In an interview with three former NFL players published Tuesday, Harris revisited his clashes with Saban that he previously shared with’s “Road the Pros” in 2021.

“It was COVID year, and I came back to school,” Harris told The Pivot Podcast of the 2020 season. “It was our last incident. Imagine all four years, we kind of like, bumped heads, in a good way. Then I guess COVID year — last incident happened and I left school.

“I’m like, ‘Man, I’m not messing with y’all. I’m gone.’ So I left school for like two weeks. Yeah, people didn’t know that. I left school for like two weeks.”

Harris did not reveal when he left. He played in all 13 games that national championship-winning season, becoming Alabama’s all-time leader in rushing yards and rushing touchdowns.

“Saban sat me in his office,” Harris told The Pivot Podcast of his return to school. “Man, he’s like, I ain’t trying to say it — we exchanged words. From that point on, he took his time out of the day to really understand who I am. Ever since that day, man, we’ve been rock solid, man.”

This is fascinating stuff from Najee. We’ve always known Harris just had a very different personality. It says A LOT about Saban that he was able to adapt his style to really get to know Najee and coach him into the best running back in college football. It also says a lot about Najee’s inner drive that, despite constantly clashing with his coach for 4 years while 2000 miles from home, he stuck things out and worked to get better and better every season.

That’s all for today. Roll Tide!