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Jazzy Fly R10:

Check out the funk-brown bass, my man...

Rhythms and the struggle kinda funneled into one...

Well, ladies and germs, we made it. Our long, dark trek through the offseason wilderness has reached its destination, and once again pigskins can be seen flying across your TV screens. So now that everything is cool and the gang, let’s celebrate! Set your favorite listening device to shuffle ten of your top tunes and drop ‘em like its hot in the comments below. It’s Friday, y’all, so (mis)behave accordingly!

  1. What Cool Breezes Do by Digable Planets
  2. O, My Soul by Big Star
  3. Missing Pieces by Jack White
  4. Orion by Metallica
  5. Swoop (I’m Yours) by Dazz Band (Soul Train Video at link)
  6. Voodoo Lady by Ween (Live 2003 Video at link)
  7. Judas by Cage the Elephant
  8. Be by Lenny Kravitz
  9. Burning Lights by Joe Strummer (I Hired a Contract Killer Video at link)
  10. Return of the Mack by Mark Morrison