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We Want You: Submit Your Meltdowns!

By popular demand...

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Northwestern
TFW you outcoach yourself right into the bread line.

Results have been tabulated, and in overwhelming fashion, you’ve decided to keep the Meltdown, and true to my word, I’ll collate all those for you. The easiest way I think I’ve come across is to just email it to us or send it to our dedicated Meltdown twitter account

Here’s how to reach us:, or on Twitter at RBR Meltdown

Since we really only had one game to go over, I’ll fold Nubber into the Labor Day edition next Tuesday. So, be on the lookout for the saltiest, most despondent, agonizing meltdowns: They are everywhere — Facebook, Reddit, Facebook, team pages, message boards, go nuts.

And, while you should never operate heavy machinery while drinking, we very much do encourage you to knock back a few and hit the message boards after that next painful loss. Who knows? The next star of Meltdown could be you!