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Alabama Crimson Tide vs Texas Longhorns (and striped friends) second half open thread

10-10 at half time

NCAA Football: Alabama at Texas Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this has been an excruciatingly annoying first half to watch. It started with a flurry of penalties on Alabama, and that flurry never slowed down. Some were legit, many weren’t, and it’s just absolutely wrecked every time Alabama’s defense made a stop.

In any case, Texas QB Quinn Ewers took a sack and landed on his shoulder before exiting with injury. Hudson Card took over and drove to the 3 yard line on Alabama’s defense on the heels of a bunch of pass interference calls on YOLO balls, but the Longhorns’ kicker shanked the kick that would have put them up by 3.

Overall, the Tide defense played exceptionally well in the run game, but has struggled to generate any pass rush against Texas’s max protect deep shots.

Offensively, Jase McClellan got a breakaway touchdown, and the Tide offense has been otherwise useless. Pass blocking, play calls, catching, throwing... It’s all looked pitiful. The run game has been consistently effective, but of course, Bill O’Brien is an OC and just can’t bring himself to rely on it.

With the massive disparity in penalties and ineffective offense, Alabama is lucky to be going into halftime tied. Hopefully they can regroup and figure out how to deal with the hostile crowd noise... And hopefully the ref’s arms get tired eventually and they stop tossing flags.

On to the second half. Roll Tide!