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All of the Graphs from Alabama at Texas

A harrowing game gives you harrowing graphs

Alabama v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

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You probably know the drill by now: the main Graphing the Tide article has the handpicked charts and the storylines, but this one is the bonus bundle where you can see all of the charts I ran for this game.

Team Success Rates over time (cumulative)

Success and Explosiveness by Quarter

Play Map: Yards and Result by Play

SR, XR, and Play Count by Drive

Success and Explosiveness by Play Type

Success and Explosiveness by Down

Success and Explosiveness in the Red Zone

Success and Explosiveness by Distance to go

Rushing and Passing Success (cumulative)

Rushing rate (cumulative)

Top Rushers

Top Passers

Top Receivers

Check out the main game article for the storylines related to these graphs.