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2022 Blog Poll Week 3 — Despicable nationwide coaching malpractice upends Top 25

And Arkansas has quietly put together the nation’s best résumé

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 10 South Carolina at Arkansas Photo by Andy Altenburger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Don’t look now, but Arkansas has quietly put together the nation’s best résumé. A thorough pantsing of a good-ish USCe team, and a defenestration of last season’s CFP darlings, Cincinnati, will do that. Of course, both games have been at home, and both opponents were breaking in new quarterbacks, but take a look around — very few other teams have put together something quite so good.

Early season results are always very fluid, and I’d be surprised if the Hogs stay at this lofty level (the team above them, Georgia, would smoke the piggies like a side of ham). But, you can only beat who’s on your schedule, and Arkansas has the best ‘uns...for now.

The story yesterday was coaching malpractice, and it was a despicable national trend too.

Take your pick across the landscape: Nebraska dropping another game to an awful Georgia Southern team (and giving up almost 700 yards in the process); Notre Dame getting decleated at home by Marshall; Wisconsin losing in Camp Randall to a simply woeful Wazzu squad; Iowa dropping El Assico in Iowa City to a Cyclones team returning exactly 8 starters; Ohio State still refusing to run the ball and letting a ghastly Arkansas State team hang around for a half; Stanford sharting out 5-touchdown halftime deficit with 19 returning starters; Bill O’Brien remaining the NFL failson who can somehow take chicken cordon bleu and turn it into expired Great Value chicken nuggets (hate this MFer with every fiber of my being), and on and on and on.

If there was a favorite to be had, there were a lot of millionaires who did not earn their keep yesterday. There was taxpayer- and booster-abetted theft from coast-to-coast. Sure, it makes for great drama. But if you like good football, players being developed to their potential, and wealthy grown-ups earning their salary, then a not-insignificant part of you had to be nauseated as well.

2022 Week 3

1 Georgia 1
2 Arkansas 6
3 Michigan 3
4 Alabama 2
5 Ohio State 3
6 Michigan State 7
7 Oklahoma 10
8 Penn State 8
9 Oklahoma State 11
10 Tennessee 12
11 Texas --
12 Mississippi State 16
13 Kentucky 23
14 NC State 15
15 BYU --
16 K State 21
17 Ole Miss 17
18 Clemson 20
19 Florida 5
20 UNC --
21 Cincy 22
22 Appalachian State --
23 Baylor 19
24 Air Force --
25 Houston 23
TOP 40ish USC, Utah, Texas, ECU, JMU, UTSA, OSU