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Standin’ On The Wall R10:

(Clap-clap) You deserve it all...

What clubs they hang at?
Humanizing the Vacuum

Clean up your acts. Seriously, that’s all we’re asking of our favorite team this week. We realize that the W is safe Saturday, but you eventually become what your habits are, and a few of us would really love about, say, fifteen straight W’s this season. So come on, fellas, you can do this. Please, act like you got some sense. The rest of y’all know what to do with these ten tunes...and your own. Peace out...

  1. Behold a Lady by Outkast
  2. You Lose by The Replacements
  3. Media Blitz by Germs
  4. Rockin’ in the Free World by Neil Young
  5. Hairshirt by R.E.M.
  6. Rebellion (Live) by Arcade Fire
  7. Hey You by Tommy Stinson
  8. Classic Girl by Jane’s Addiction
  9. Wade in the Water by The Staple Singers
  10. Lady Stardust by Seu Jorge

Bonus: Refugee by Tom Petty